KEEPING Traditions

Intrepid Zine issue 3 £8.00

The Intrepid Zine is a curated celebration of modern large format film photography, and the stories people tell through it. Issue 3 features the work of 12 photographers, all using Intrepid Cameras, spanning 8 different countries.

2020 was a year like no other and the world still feels like a very different place. Much of the work featured in Issue 3 is retrospective to these universal changes and altered perspectives, through themes of isolation, distance and solitude.

A5 perfect bound, 85 pages, printed on high quality silk paper.

Photographers featured:

Kai Kopitze, Or Sachs, Mark Eekhoff, Raymond Davies, Camille Valbusa, Mariano Biazzi Alcàntara, Dustin Veitch, Andrew Thompson, Karol Gustavv Małecki, Peter Tyushkevich, Alexander Hahn, John Bakunas

Cover photos by Camille Valbusa  |  All work owned by artists credited. 

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