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Intrepid 4x5 Enlarger MK2 (with Timer) £220.00

The Intrepid Enlarger is the ultimate DIY photography tool, converting your 4x5 camera into a fully functional darkroom enlarger.

You can use it to make prints from your colour or black/white 4x5, 120, or 35mm negatives and it can even be used to make scans of your negatives using a digital camera. 

How does it work?

The LED light source fits to the Intrepid 4x5 Camera in the place of the ground glass (or any 4x5 with a Graflok back). This then connects to the Timer which has all the controls for contrast, colour balance and exposure.

It uses new LED technology which means it can match the results of a traditional enlarger whilst being a fraction of the size and price.

Kit contains:

  • Enlarger LED light source 
  • Enlarger Timer 
  • 4x5 negative carrier (120 and 35mm sold separately)
  • Lens board for m39 mount Enlarger lenses 
  • Mains power supply with international adapters 

Available for pre-order (Current lead time: 10-12 weeks)

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‣ Converts a 4x5 camera into a darkroom Enlarger

‣ Designed for making prints from colour film and black & white film

‣ Additional ‘scan’ mode for digitising your negatives with a DSLR

‣ Filters for colour balance and contrast built in and controlled on the timer (no need for external filters)

‣ Pre-calibrated settings for digitising popular film stocks in 'Scan mode'

‣ Easy printing from 5x7 up to 11x14 (much larger possible with horizontal projection)

‣ USB port for future firmware updates

‣ Built in safelight, useful for those with limited space

As the Intrepid Enlarger works as an attachment for a 4x5 camera, you have a choice of what sort of lens to use. You can either use a standard large format lens, or a traditional enlarging lens (mounted to the supplied adapter lens board for lenses with 39mm (m39) thread mounts). If you shoot 4x5 you'll likely be able to use a lens you already have, if not enlarger lenses are cheap and easy to get hold of.

When enlarging 4x5 film you'll want to use a 150mm lens, which also happens to be the standard focal length for a 4x5 camera. If you are going to enlarge 120 film you should use a lens between 80mm and 105mm - in this case we recommend you use a traditional enlarger lens. Enlarger lenses are cheap and easy to find secondhand, and we are happy to help if you are unsure.