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Intrepid Compact Enlarger for 35mm & 120 £280.00

Utilising new LED technology The Intrepid Enlarger is a total rethink of the traditional darkroom enlarger. A super compact, simple and fun to use kit for making prints from your colour or black & white film at home (from 35mm to 6x9), simply mount it on a tripod or copy stand! 

While it may be the smallest enlarger ever to exist it has all the features of a traditional one, just without being bulky, expensive or relying on out of date technology. It means you can turn pretty much any space no matter how small into a darkroom, and when you are done printing you can pack it all away.

The LED lights are perfectly calibrated for printing and all the filters for colour balance and contrast are built in to the controls on the timer. The light source even detaches so it can be used to make digital scans of your negatives using a digital camera.

Lens not included (see below for lens buying guide).

Kit Contains:

  • All-in-one compact Intrepid Enlarger
  • Enlarger Timer with all controls for colour balance, exposure and contrast
  • Negative carriers for 35mm, 6x6, 6x4.5, 6x7, 6x9
  • Mains power supply with international adapters 

Current lead time: 8 weeks

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‣ Print from 35mm and 120 (6x6, 6x4.5, 6x7, 6x9)

‣ Designed for making prints from colour film as well as black & white

‣ Additional ‘scan’ mode for digitising your negatives with a DSLR

‣ Filters for colour balance and contrast built in and controlled on the timer (no need for external filters)

‣ USB port for future firmware updates

‣ Built in safelight, useful for those with limited space

‣ Mount for m39 Enlarger lens and tripod mounts 1/4" and 3/8"

The Intrepid Enlarger does not come with a lens so you will need to purchase one before your kit arrives. Just like your camera, your enlarger is only as good as the lens you put on it. The good news though is, enlarger lenses are very affordable and easy to find, you can pick up a great condition 2nd hand lens for between £10-60. Bellow are some key points to consider when buying your enlarger lens.

‣ M39 Threaded lens only, this is the vast majority of enlarger lenses, but it is best to check if it is not mentioned.

‣ 50mm focal length for 35mm, 70-105mmmm for 120

‣ Check that the glass is clear from scratches, haze and fungus

‣ There are many many brands of enlarger lens, but Nikon, Rodenstock, and Schneider make the best ones.

‣ Check that the aperture blades are moving smoothly and free from oil.

‣ There are A LOT of enlarger lenses out there, if the lens you are looking at has anything at all wrong with it, don’t buy it.

‣ If you aren’t sure about the lens you have found feel free to send us a link or pictures and we can advise you further!