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Intrepid 8x10 MK2 £480.00

Weighing just 2.5 kg this might just be the lightest, most compact 8x10 camera ever made. Now with rear focus and linear guides which provide incredibly precise, fast focusing, and coupled with the aluminium base, make the camera extra sturdy and rigid no matter the lens or environment.

It might be lightweight but it certainly doesn’t lack in features, the camera has all the movements you could ever need out in the field or in the studio, including independent rise/ fall and tilt controls on the front standard, a bright ground glass screen marked with a half inch grid, and a high tension leaf spring back, with clips to quickly switch from portrait to landscape.

To find out more of the technical specifications scroll down, if you are ready to place an order, simply select your bellows colour and add it to the cart. 

Key details:

  • Lens board size: 140mm x 140mm (available here)
  • Scroll down for the technical specifications and details on lenses, film and materials
  • Select your bellows colour from the dropdown menu below (black, blue, red, green)

Built to order (Current lead time: 6-8 weeks)

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Max bellows extension: 550mm
Min bellows extension: 100mm

Max Front Rise/Fall: + 70mm / - 60mm
Max Front Shift: +/- 60mm
Max Front Tilt +/- 50º
Max Front Swing +/- 50º
Rear Tilt - 35º / + 90º

Folded Dimensions: 295x295x75 mm
Weight: 2.5Kg / 5.5lb

Tripod mount 1/4” and 3/8”

Sinar lens board compatible
Lenses from 180mm-550mm

Comes with a high quality ground glass screen with a 1/2” grid

The Intrepid 8x10 Camera will take any standard 8x10 film holder allowing you to use a variety of black and white or colour 8x10 film. If traditional films are not your thing or you are looking to experiment you can also use the camera for all kinds of alternative processes such as: Wet Plate, Paper Negatives and and instant 8x10 film.

The Intrepid is a "bring your own" lens camera, but thankfully large format lenses are readily available secondhand. The 8x10 will work with pretty much any 180mm-550mm lens mounted on preferably one of our lens boards but it is also compatible with most Sinar style boards (140mm x 140mm). For more in-depth advice on choosing your first lens, or getting your head around lens boards and shutter, check out our ‘Lens buying Guide’.

The Intrepid 8x10 is the only affordable 8x10 camera to be constructed from high quality and reliable materials. We use sustainably sourced furniture grade Birch Plywood on the front and rear standard, this is finished by hand with a wax oil sealant to protect the wood. The base and supporting parts of the camera are made from high grade aluminium that is hard coat anodised black. The rack and pinion focusing mechanism run on linear metal guides for frictionless sharp focussing. The ground glass screens are hand-ground in the workshop to ensure they are super bright an clear and the bellows are an incredibly durable vinyl on the outside with a triple layered light resistant lining, all hand made in our workshop.

8x10 is an amazing format, the film comes in sheets that are 52 times larger than a single 35mm frame. This produces an incredible amount of clarity and depth in your images, and a quality far richer than any digital camera can create. Large format photography is also one of the most rewarding photographic experiences, it forces you to slow down, take in the scene before you and really focus on what you want to create.

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