news: Introducing: The Intrepid Enlarger for 35mm & 120 Stories

After more than a year of extensive testing, designing and prototyping we are thrilled to finally announce the new Intrepid Enlarger - designed exclusively for 35mm and 120 film (up to 6x9)!

A super compact, simple and fun to use Enlarger kit for making prints from your colour or black and white negatives at home. While it may be the smallest enlarger ever to exist it has all the features of a traditional enlarger without being bulky, expensive or relying on out of date technology.

Launching on our shop - July 2021

The Enlarger is possible to be so small and portable because our design team have developed a new LED technology that allows you to control contrast, colour balance and exposure at the click of a button and without the need for separate filters.

This is perfect for anyone who is new to darkroom printing or those who are more experienced but don’t have the space or budget for a dedicated home darkroom. Printing in the darkroom is one of the most fulfilling parts of the process of shooting film. But so many people miss out on this amazing experience because it doesn’t seem accessible. This is our first step into other film formats and our aim is to make darkroom printing much more accessible, regardless of space, budget or prior knowledge.

How Does it work?

The Intrepid Enlarger Kit consists of: the timer which contains all the controls, negative carriers to hold your film, and of course the light source which attaches to the body of the enlarger.

It has high quality linear guides for focusing and a threaded mount for attaching to your tripod or copy stand. The timer controls everything and has three modes: black and white, colour and scanning. It even has a built in safelight!

  • Black and white printing: Unlike traditional Enlargers all the contrast filters are built into the LED light source so you can quickly adjust them with a single dial without the need for separate filters. It works just like a traditional enlarger in terms of focusing, setting the time and exposing your paper.
  • Colour printing: In Colour printing mode you use the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow dials to alter the colour balance of your print. The light source has been specially calibrated in order to make colour printing as simple and accurate as possible.
  • Scanning: the third way of using the Enlarger is as a light source to make scans of your colour or black and white negatives using a digital camera or smart phone. The light source is held magnetically to the Enlarger body so can simply pop off when you want to scan. Then you just need to mount a digital camera or smart phone to a tripod or copy stand, lay the light source below and slot your film into the correct negative carrier and place it onto the light source. It’s a lot quicker than a flat bed scanner and more portable but still allows you to create high quality digital images of your negatives!

What else will I need?

To start making prints from your 35mm and 120 negatives you will need:

  • A tripod or copy stand to mount your enlarger to
  • An enlarging lens (50mm for 35mm film and 80mm for 120)
  • Darkroom chemicals and photo paper
  • Tray, tongs and a grain/focus finder

There are of course other useful items but we’ve just listed the absolute essentials here. Other than these you just need a space to use as a darkroom, this can be anywhere as long as you can block out all light temporarily. The beauty of the Intrepid Enlarger being so compact means you could use pretty much anywhere even a cupboard. Then once you’re finished you can simply pack the whole kit away in a small box.

We will be creating a series of guide videos on using the Intrepid Enlarger, so whether you are a total beginner or feel like your darkroom skills are a little rusty you'll be able to jump straight in.

When can I get the Intrepid Enlarger?

We launched the Enlarger on Kickstarter on March 19th 2021. This will allow us to invest in all the equipment we need to produce the Enlarger and set up a completely separate new production line. 

The Kickstarter has now closed but the Enlarger will be launching on our shop in August 2021.

The End.