The Company What We Are All About

Here at Intrepid we are trying to make large format photography accessible to a much wider audience and have successfully been doing so for over three years. Too often people have not been able to experiment with this fantastic format, often due to the price. This is a real shame. Large format is probably the most rewarding and true type of photography you can experience; you are completely transported to a magical world underneath that dark cloth; nothing compares to composing an image on the ground glass, and prints made from the giant negatives have a quality to them that is like nothing else. If you are completely new to large format, then the range of Intrepid Cameras is a fantastic place to start, and if you are an old hand at all things LF then an Intrepid could be the light weight, compact and affordable camera you have been looking for!    

Maxim Founder

The Intrepid Camera originally started life as a project to make an open source large format camera, as in one that anyone could download the plans to and build. We worked on this project for a year or so and it eventually turned itself into the final year of my degree.

After Graduating from Product Design I teamed up with Eddie and we got to working out how we could share the camera with even more people. Soon we realised that if we took a lot of the ideas from open source tech, put them into a commercial product, we could then create a fantastic and affordable camera. 

The most important part of photography for me personally, is the ability to escape from everything, even if its just for half an hour or so a day. When using the camera I'm often somewhere beautiful and my mind is focused on one thing only, even if I don't get a shot I'm still happy to have had that time to relax and just do something I love. I think going on a walk or hike with a LF camera, setting up, sitting, waiting, thinking and then maybe if it all comes together just right, taking a shot, is one of the most relaxing and rewarding things I do.    

Eddie Founder

I have a passion for telling stories, through any medium that’s available to me. My very first artistic love was film and the magic behind movies, and it wasn't long before I discovered photography as a gateway to a rewarding creative output and story-telling tool.

Having grown up in many different countries, my creative interests also grew to be quite eclectic but photography was always the constant element.

I became a Product Design graduate and during the past few years my creative vision has kept expanding. Working with the Intrepid Camera has allowed me to execute that vision while incorporating my love for photography, film and and design.