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Intrepid 4x5 Enlarger Converter Kit - SOLD OUT £180.00

The Intrepid Enlarger is the ultimate DIY photography tool, converting your 4x5 camera into a darkroom enlarger to make prints from your 4x5, 120, and 35mm negatives. It’s so compact and lightweight it could fit in a coat pocket, use it in your bathroom, darkroom or anywhere you can squeeze into and make dark.

The light source fits to the back of the Intrepid 4x5 (or most other 4x5 cameras) and attaches using the Graflok clips. This plugs into the timer so you can control exposure times which plugs into the mains. Then by mounting the camera to a tripod or copy stand you have yourself a fully functioning darkroom enlarger. It’s that simple!


The standard kit comes with:

Intrepid Enlarger LED light source - attaches to the back of your 4x5 camera with the Graflok clips

Intrepid Enlarger Timer - to accurately control exposure time

Multigrade filter holder - clips to your lens for use with Ilford Multigrade 8.9cm contrast filters

Enlarger Lens board - for mounting standard enlarger lenses (with 39mm thread) - More info on lenses below

4x5 negative carrier (35mm and 120 negative carriers available separately)

12v Power supply - all orders outside the UK will include international plug adapters

Current lead time: 6 weeks


As the Intrepid Enlarger works as an attachment for a 4x5 camera, you have a choice of what sort of lens to use. You can either use a standard large format lens, or a traditional enlarging lens (mounted to the supplied adapter lens board for lenses with 39mm thread mounts). If you shoot 4x5 you'll likely be able to use a lens you already have, if not enlarger lenses are cheap and easy to get hold of. When enlarging 4x5 film you'll want to use a 150mm lens, which also happens to be the standard focal length for a 4x5 camera. If you are going to enlarge 120 and/or 35mm film, you should use an 80mm lens - in this case we recommend you use a traditional enlarger lens. Enlarger lenses are cheap and easy to find secondhand, and we are happy to help if you are unsure.