KEEPING Traditions

8x10 Dark Cloth £112.00

These custom Intrepid dark cloths are hand-produced in Washington, USA, by Wanderer. Each designed to match seamlessly with the bellows colour of your Intrepid 8x10 camera.

Made from hand-selected thick cotton with a smooth black twill interior to block out as much light as possible. Each dark cloth also features an elastic drawstring to secure it neatly around your camera, so it will stay put no matter the conditions.

Care is put into every detail of the cloths from the material choice to the hand-embroidered ‘Intrepid’ logo in the bottom corner. 

Complete your kit with an official Intrepid 8x10 camera wrap, handmade by Wanderer too! 

Dimensions: 91cm x 142cm (36” x 56”)

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