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Well! Where do I start, a 4x5 camera is one of the most creative, fun and rewarding tools a photographer can use. They allow lens movements, which give you total control of focus and perspective, as well as using 4x5 sheet film giving you pictures with incredible quality, they have a look and feel very different from digital. I could go on but instead I recommend doing a bit of research yourself if you are new to the world of 4x5, there is a wealth of information on the Internet. 

A good question, put simply the Intrepid 4x5 Camera is around the same price if not cheaper than most second hand cameras BUT will come with help and support from an active company as well as an evolving range of accessories allowing you to create and experiment with your photography without having to track down expensive second hand accessories. The Intrepid 4x5 is also a lot lighter and more compact than any second hand camera you might find.

The Camera is made from high quality Birch Plywood that is weather sealed with a plant based wax oil mix, the wood we use is very dimensionally stable and will stay flat and level over time. The metal work is all anodised aluminium, it is scratch resistand and will not rust or oxidise. The bellows are made from Nylon with a special super thin lightproof coating underneath and the bright focusing screen is made in a traditional way from 2mm glass. 

Large format lenses tend to come mounterd in a shutter and on a board, our current 4x5 model can take 300mm to 90mm lenses with no problems, you can also use up to 65mm lenses with limited movements (or pop it on a recessed board for more flexibility). The 8x10 can take lenses up to 600mm. Find a fantastic list of lenses here  http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF4x5in.html and have a read of Alex Burkes excellent post all about lenses here

The camera takes Technika 4x5 Boards. These are readily available new and second hand.

Well, you will need the camera and then you will need a lens in a shutter on a Technika board, you will also need a film holder and some 4x5 film. You can also use instant film like Fuji fp-100c or the New55 film with the appropriate holder. There are tons of other little bits and bobs you can get for 4x5 photography do some research and figure out what is going to best suit you.

The back is a traditional spring back that uses bungee chord instead of metal springs; it rotates through 90º allowing for portrait and landscape orientations. The back has Graflok Clips allowing you to use a variety of accessories.

Yes we post to almost everywhere, we are looking into ways to make this as affordable as possible, after all everyone hates spending money on postage. For international shipping for cameras we offer the flat rate of £18.

a Lead Time simply means that after you place your order it will take us that amount of time to build it and get it shipped, currently the Lead Time is 8 or 12 weeks depending on when you ordered. We are working late and over weekends and hope to beat the lead time. Towards the end of the year the Lead Time will go down to 0 and we will start to offer next day delivery. 

Yes! you can use any of the Fuji FP pack films with a Polaroid 405 Holder or a Fuji PA-145 Holder, you can also use New55 Film with a 545 Holder. 

All the wood on our cameras is treated with a plant based Oil/Wax mixture, this prevents it from warping and makes it water resistant, the bellows are made from a coated nylon fabric that can also withstand a light shower and the metal work is all anodised aluminium which doesnt rust. So basically if you get caught in the rain, no worries, just make sure to dry the camera off when you get home. 

The price of everything on our website includes 20% TAX if you don't live in the European Union you dont have to pay this and it is deducted at checkout. 

Film holders are readily available both new and secondhand. Common 8x10 Film holder brands are Fidelity, TOYO, Lisco, Chamonix, Calumnet, Kodak, Burke & James and Shen Hao. Secondhand film holders are easy to source from eBay but be careful when buying older wooden holders or untested ones. If you are unsure you can always send us a link to the listing and we can advise you. Another alternative is our 8x10 to 4x5 reducing back which allows you to use 4x5 film on an 8x10 camera. This video from Ben Horne is very useful when deciding what holders will best suit you.

The first stage of recovery is admiting you have a problem. However, the Intrepid 4x5 could be the solution for you, there are quite a few people (me included) who buy cameras that don't get the use they deserve, this can be a particular problem with 4x5. The Intrepid doesn't have that problem, we have had several customers let us know that they use the Intrepid way more than their other 4x5s and its for a simple reason. wieght. It's so light you barely feel it in your bag and the simplicity of the camera has let people minimalise and streamline thier kit allowing shooting large format to become something you can just go out and do!