Trips: Isle of Skye Stories

Product testing in the field is one of the many great things about this project, and there are few better places to do it than the Isle of Skye off of the western coast of Scotland

The island is a beautiful and peaceful place, high enough in the northern hemisphere for drawn out golden sunsets. Ideal for photography.

The first test for the camera was a climb up Beinn Na Caillich, a 732m hill west of Broadford. Not a massive climb by any standard, but certainly something you would think twice about before dragging a 4x5 camera up.

The camera excels in this kind of situation; It is light enough to not hold you back whilst climbing and hardy enough to withstand a bit of rough treatment.

The weather was changing rapidly and we had to keep moving around to try and find a shot, I had no problems with just chucking the camera over my shoulder and continuing on.

After A steep 3 hour climb we reached the summit, the views were amazing but a fog had rolled in and the light was no good, we waited for a while and enjoyed the view. Never mind, sometimes you don't need to take a picture. We did still managed to grab a couple of nice shots on the way back down though.


The End.