Our Story: Introducing The Intrepid Enlarger Stories

The Intrepid Enlarger attachment is the ultimate DIY analogue photography tool allowing you to create incredible prints from your 4x5, 120 and 35mm negatives all with one compact device that could fit in a coat pocket. We have been working hard on bringing this project to life for the last two years, many of you may have seen teasers along the way but now we are thrilled to finally and officially announce - The Intrepid Enlarger!


The Intrepid Enlarger is an easy to use Enlarger and Timer attachment that is designed to fit to the back of any 4x5 camera to convert it straight into a compact and capable photographic enlarger. You can use it to make prints in your bathroom, darkroom or pretty much anywhere you can squeeze into and make dark.

In addition to this the Lightsource can also be used by itself to create high quality scans from your negatives using just a digital camera, a tripod and your computer/smartphone. Find out more in the section below about exactly how these two methods work.

Making analogue prints or scanning can be incredibly rewarding as it gives you you total control over your photos. Traditionally enlarging at home has been resigned almost exclusively to those with dedicated darkroom setups while scanning involves investing in bulky and expensive flatbed scanners. We want to change this - the Intrepid Enlarger Kit offers an affordable, portable and easy way to print or scan your 4x5, 120 or 35mm negatives yourself.

Enlarging & Making Prints

Using the Intrepid Enlarger in a darkroom, bathroom or even a cupboard is by far the most fun and rewarding way to use the product. In the darkroom it works just like any other enlarger - you mount your negative, focus your image, make some test exposures and work your way towards a print that you love. Unlike traditional enlargers this setup is far more compact, you can simply pack it away when you’re done using it and even take it with you on a trip.

The Lightbox attachment easily clips onto the back of any 4x5 camera just like a film holder, and it has swappable negative carriers for your 4x5, 120 and 35mm film. It has an even and bright light source and there is a separate Timer which connects to allow you to control exposure. With the camera attached to a tripod or copy stand, you just need to focus the image onto light sensitive paper, then set the timer for the correct exposure. The enlarger feels very familiar to anyone with darkroom experiance and is very easy to use for anyone new to printing. 

The best part is that you use a 4x5 camera and standard 4x5 lens to enlarge your negatives, making this one of the most portable and affordable enlargers ever. If you already have a basic large format setup you are good go! If it’s new to you don’t worry we will be releasing a simple step by step video when the campaign launches. 

Lightbox: Scanning & Digitising

If you are not ready to start printing in the darkroom just yet then you can still take control of your negatives at home with this method. By using the Enlarger attachment as a standalone lightbox you can create high quality digital scans from your negatives. 

All you will need is the lightbox attachment and the negative holder for either 4x5, 120 or 35mm film. Simply attach the holder with the negative in, turn on the lightbox and using a digital camera and tripod grab a picture. Then as with any negative scanning process just invert it on your computer or smart phone and adjust the colour balance until you have an image you are happy with. 

Scanning your negatives this way is quick and easy and it will give you total control over the tones, contrast and colour of your scanned film photos. There will be a step by step video on how to do this coming soon but click on the gif below for a quick rundown.

The End.