How Its Made: Front Standard Stories

The Front Standard is the thin but rigid frame that supports the lens holder, it sits at the front of the camera (Duh) and is attached to the rack and pinion focusing mechanism. Its made of two bits of aluminium, these two parts probably involve them most complicated metal work we do as they are relatively small and need bending through exactly 90ยบ, as well as a couple of screw threads. It also features three wooden parts, these are small and fun to produce so that makes up for the tricky aluminium.

To make these parts involves running the CNC machine at full speed to mill each one from big sheets of birch plywood or aluminium, we get about 60 parts per run for these smaller bits and I (Max) mostly work on running the machine and working with the computer program to make each run more efficient. The parts then make their way to Ben who sands them on the belt sander, finishes them by hand and then takes them outside to be varnished using the spray rig or we send them off to be finished if they are aluminium. And as i'm typing this we are one cutting job and a bit of sanding away from having the lot, so about 2 hours to go today and then some varnishing etc over the weekend.

This is all the parts so far, finished on the right and yet to be sanded by hand on the left.

Whilst Ben and I are cracking on with this, James is continuing with his usual role as king of the bellows, granted in this video he is sped up, but he is incredibly fast at making them, about 8-10 minutes a set if he has had his coffee.


The End.